Any venue or business that plays background, recorded, broadcast in public must get a music usage licence from KAMP-PRISK. This includes businesses and people such as the following: Radio, Pubs , Shopping malls, Cinemas, barber shops, Car washes, Trains, mobile phone shops, Concerts Exhibitions, electronic stores, clubs, clothing stores, Television and radio broadcasters, Nightclubs, Restaurants, Retail stores, salons, , hospitals, DJs, Matatus, events, and any public show that makes use of recorded music


Royalties gathered through licence fees are passed on to KAMP members. Many people play a role in the creation of every piece of music, from producers, songwriters and composers to recording artists and music publishers – they all play a role in creating the final musical product.

The information we collect about the usage and value of every musical work assist us to fairly calculate the royalties that are passed on to the different players. KAMP deducts an administrative fee to cover its operational costs as regulated by KECOBO.