Eligibility & Recruitment Process

• KAMP membership is open to Record Label Companies, Executive Music Producers, and other Individual Producers of Sound Recordings registered or incorporated in Kenya.
• Membership qualification is met after submitting all registration requirements, which are disclosed to all interested persons or companies prior to them making formal applications.
• The membership applications are vetted by a Board Membership Vetting Committee every quarter of the year. The list of membership applicants who fulfil all the requirements are submitted to the full Board in every quarter of the year for final approval and endorsement. The newly approved members are then assigned a membership number and informed officially in writing.

Membership Application Requirements


For Individual Applicants

• A copy of your KRA PIN Certificate (must be i-tax activated)
• One copy of your National ID card or a copy of your passport
• Copy of ID of next of Kin or copy birth certificate if underage

For Sole proprietors and incorporated companies (Record Labels)

• Attach both copies of the KRA PIN and VAT Certificates.
• A copy of the company Certificate of registration or incorporation or Business name Certificate
• Copy of ID or Passport of Alternate Director of the Company

For All Applicants

• A duly filled Application form & Agreement.
• A sound declaration form for each recording to be registered.
• Evidence of the sound recordings or Audio-visual recordings i.e. copies of CDs, DVDs, VCDs, or Cassettes per production or MP3.
• If the sound recordings being declared are not own productions, valid signed contracts or agreements between artist(s)/ group or band and the record label company (producer of sound / audio-visual) recordings is required.
• A Non-refundable Registration fee of Kshs. 5,000
• Two (2) Passport size photos for individual applicants, sole proprietors and representatives of Record Labels and groups e.g. Choirs, Bands, Orchestra, etc want to know much about KAMP,Click here

Want to be our member ? Download and fill the application forms below.Come and register with KAMP where your rights are protected.


Please click here to download the Individual Membership Application Form

Please click here to download the Company Membership Application Form